Privacy Policy

Americade Privacy Policy:
Your privacy is very important to us. We respect you and your privacy, and will protect all of your information as though it were our own personal information.

Payment Information:

We have chosen THE most secure way to handle online credit card transactions:  Only PayPal sees your information, and it’s only processed on their highly secure servers.  We never see it, and no other 3rd parties see your info.  Again, of all the options available for online credit card processing, this method is the most secure method.

Mailing Lists:
We don't like junk mail either. Your mailing address will only be used for Americade mailings (Americade Times newsmagazine, annual registration form, etc.), and motorcycle-related mailings from trusted sources (such as major motorcycle manufacturers). We won't sell our mailing list, however we may send information to our attendees on behalf of a motorcycle-related company. We will only do this if we believe the info will be of interest to most of our attendees, and only once or twice a year at the most.