UNGUIDED- VT High Gaps- (Tues-Sat) - Included Platinum Pass

Days: Any Day
An epic day of riding up and over some of Vermont's best mountain passes, coupled with a lunch destination in the heart of one of the most scenic villages in Vermont.  This is a Freedom Pass tour giving you a catered unguided ride valued at $33; sold at $29. 

Your Ride: The VT High Gaps Unguided Ride takes you into the heart of Vermont's Green Mountain range, home to some legendary mountain gap roads, and some known only by locals. It's an eternal Americade favorite ride, and one that you'll be glad you took. (Beware, call your doctor if your grin lasts more than 4 hours...).  Your ride is valid any day of Americade Week, so you can cherry-pick the best riding day (a benefit of a Freedom Pass ride).
  • An Americade favorite Ride
  • Gently Winding route to mountains
  • Fantastic mountain twisties
  • Stunning views of the Adirondack and Green Mountains
  • Lunch At VT Inn
  • Freedom to ride on best weather day
  • For more information on Vt High Gaps
Your Lunch:  Your lunch destination is in one of the most scenic and quaint villages in Vermont.  It alone is worth the trip.  You'll dine in an award-winning 1827 inn, virtually unchanged since its creation.  The first $15 of your lunch is already paid for, and you can choose from anything on the menu, and you can arrive any day during Americade Week (benefits of a Freedom Pass ride)

Miles: ~195 or 245 mi R-T
When: Tues - Sat
UNGUIDED- VT High Gaps- (Tues-Sat)