UNGUIDED- Under the Adirondacks Tour- (Tues-Sat) - Included Two Platinum Pass

Days: Any Day
A beautiful rural ride above ground, followed by a fascinating 100' waterfall BELOW ground.  
The Ride: There is such beauty in the pastoral, rolling terrain of our region's farmland. And, you're going to ride right through it, seeing endless barns, undulating fields, and farm houses, back dropped by the mountains in the distance. Riding the gently winding farm roads with no traffic is a fun and relaxing way to spend a day. Your ride is valid any day of Americade Week, so you can cherry-pick the best riding day (a benefit of a Freedom Pass ride). 
The Destination: Nestled in in the Adirondacks is a little known deep cavern that has hosted curious travelers for the nearly 100 years since its discovery by intrepid bovines in the 1920s.  You'll go on a guided 1/2 mile walk through an unsullied and accessible prehistoric passageway formed of stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstone.  The tour culminates when you reach the world famous 100 ft. underground waterfall. Truly a wonder of nature, this rare sight is unmatched among other "show-caves." You'll enter the cavern using a "petrified escalator" (aka 103 stairs). 
If you're claustrophobic, you probably want to consider other Americade Rides.  The caverns maintain a year round temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so we recommend a light jacket or sweater and comfortable walking shoes. Cameras, pictures, and touching of the formations are allowed, as is not the case with most other show-caves in the US.   Your ticket is valid any day of Americade Week (a benefit of a Freedom Pass ride).  
  • Unique off-bike attraction included
  • Delicious Lunch Stop
  • Underground Waterfall
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Your lunch will be at a beautiful tavern. The first $15 of your lunch is already paid for, and you can choose from anything on the menu, and you can arrive any day during Americade Week (benefits of a Freedom Pass ride).  

Miles: ~170 mi R-T
When: Tues - Sat

UNGUIDED- Under the Adirondacks Tour- (Tues-Sat)