UNGUIDED-Ride For Kids Charity Ride 2023 (Sat)


UNGUIDED-Ride For Kids Scenic Charity Ride (Sat)

Ride on your own or in a group as part of Americade’s Ride For Kids Ride.  It's a special, 100 mile scenic ride around Lake George that helps very sick kids.

You’ll be a VIP in this two hour-long festive ride that ends in a touching moment where over $20,000 will be raised for this incredible charity (The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation). You can ride for free to show your support.  

VIP parking and Lunch are included when you return to Americade in Lake George Village.

You will feel like a hero, because you are.


Here are the essential parts that you need to know:

  • 2 hr Ride on Sat.
  • Lunch Included
  • All-day access to AmericadeExpo
  • Great Prizes
  • VIP All-Day Parking Pass
  • Feel Like A Hero 

NEW!  Your routes will be available in ​REVER and GPX, installed for you onsite by REVER!

The Official GPS App of Americade

Price:  $40  (100% goes to the charity!)

When purchasing this, we'll ask you if you want Ride For Kids to set up a fund raising page for you.  This is entirely optional, and if you won't do any fundraising, then choose "no."  If you want it, choose "yes" and they'll reach out to you.