UNGUIDED-Long Lake Loop (Tue-Sat)

Days: Tuesday-Saturday

UNGUIDED-Long Lake Loop (Tue-Sat)

The Adirondacks are calling! Do you like riding twisty roads? Beautiful scenery? Wonders of nature? Oh, and ice cream shops? If so, you’ll love this new tour!
We are sending you deep into the Adirondacks to a gorgeous lakeside restaurant to spend your $15 Freedom Pass.
After lunch, you will meander to an amazing attraction to explore a naturally formed stone bridge and caves. Bring some walking shoes and enjoy this beauty from all angles on the walking path.
Your route home will take you past a great ice cream stop too!
~140 mi R-T

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Before May:  $37   +  Tax = 39.59

After May 1: $40    + Tax = 42.80