UNGUIDED- Canyon's Edge Tour (Tues-Sat) - Rides Premium Pass

days: Any Day
Some great riding days involve more than just riding. This will be one of those days. It's also a Freedom Pass ride (see below) valued at $55; sold at $39. 
The Ride:  You'll ride north along the shores of Lake George and Lake Champlain, with the New York's Adirondacks on your left and Vermont's Green Mountains to your right. The route is a wonderful mix of twisties, gentle sweepers, and lake-shore cruising.  It happens to include several of our favorite east/west mountainous routes, which involve many left-right-left sweepers.  So, you'll see it all in one day's riding.  Your ride is valid any day of Americade Week, so you can cherry-pick the best riding day (a benefit of a Freedom Pass ride). 
The Destination: You'll arrive at "The Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks." It's a 150 deep chasm, carved over eons by a serpentine river running through it. You'll have a ticket that allows you to walk the most scenic walking tour in the Adirondacks. Wander for one to five miles on well-maintained, self-guided walking/hiking trails where one spectacular view after another awaits. Each of the many scenic vistas provides you with a different perspective of the natural beauty.  Your ticket is valid any day of Americade Week (a benefit of a Freedom Pass ride).  
  • New for 2020!
  • Ride twisty roads in the Adirondacks
  • Unique off-bike experience included
  • $15 voucher for you to pick your own meal from the menu
  • For more information on the Canyon's Edge Tour
The first $15 of your lunch is already paid for, and you can choose from anything on the menu, and you can arrive any day during Americade Week (benefits of a Freedom Pass ride).  

Miles: ~185 mi R-T
When: Tues - Sat 
UNGUIDED-  Canyon's Edge Tour (Tues-Sat)