TTDD 2024 Green Mountain Grinder (Thu-Sat)


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Distance: Approx 145 miles Tires: Knobbies Pavement/Dirt: 40/60
Difficulty: Intermediate   Return Time: 3:00 PM

IMPORTANT:  To allow women to join this (our only woman-led) tour, we are asking that only women book this tour until July 1, at which point any/all are welcome to book it.

This is a fun intermediate run, with many challenge sections perfectly geared for fun-seeking intermediate riders.  Designed by Jesse P, lead guide and local expert, and Victoria Z, NEBDR codesigner and WRAD cochair.

This tour showcases some of the best mixed terrain that Vermont has to offer. Expect rocks, mud, hills, and general fun in the woods (worse more fun if it rains). Knobbies are a must. If you are PROFICIENT off-road, this will be fun on a big bike.
It’s a medium-length ride that packs a lot into a ride that gets you back to TTDD “earlyish” (by approx 3pm). You’ll find yourself on great dirt roads that are new to TTDD, some necessary pavement, and it features 4+ challenge sections that had us smiling in our helmets. (There are workarounds for all of them). It’s a solid intermediate ride (not too nutso, while not a good choice for those not-yet solid dirt riders).

The lunch stop is a fun locals restaurant, offering a great eats.