SELF GUIDED - The Amazing Ride (Tues - Sat)**

Days: Any Day

SELF GUIDED- The Amazing Ride- (Tues-Sat)

It's a fun riding experience, sending you on adventures to some AMAZING communities in the region. We give you a clever clue to each community and a point of interest- figure it out and you'll be on your way! Find the specially marked Amazing Ride kiosk at the point of interest in each community and take a selfie in front of it. Plan to spend some time in each community where locals are preparing to show you what makes their location AMAZING!

Visit 4 communities for ONE chance at winning- all 6 will DOUBLE your chances of winning a prize from Cardo Systems. You have 5 days to visit selected towns using the clues you're provided, but it's possible to complete the Amazing Ride in one day. Send an email with all of your selfies to the email on your playing card by 5 pm Saturday to be entered in the drawing for the prize!

Winner will be drawn based on emailed entries sent before the cut off time.

NEW for 2020! All full week packages will receive on electronic "playing card" included with your wristband. You may purchase additional playing cards for more chances to win.
  • New for 2020: All touchless!
  • Scenic, hidden destinations
  • Clever Clues
  • 6 Communities
  • 5 Days
When: Tues 9 am - Sat 5 pm
Where: Lake George Region
Price: $ 10.00/Playing Card - one playing card is already included with package