SELF GUIDED- The Amazing Ride- (Mon-Fri) - Included Two Platinum Pass

It's a fun, all-day riding game, sending you to scenic areas in the region. We give you a clever clue - figure it out and you'll know where the next clue is in another town.  Figure out each clue and you'll be on your way to collecting a stamp from 5 communities for ONE chance at winning. Collect a stamp from all 7 communities and DOUBLE your chances of winning a great prize from Cardo Systems. Each location is an interesting stop, so you'll enjoy each one.

You have 5 days to visit selected towns using the clues you're provided, but it's possible to complete The Amazing Ride in one day.  Deposit your ticket in the Activities Room at FWH Conference Center by Friday at 3 pm to enter the drawing for the prize! Winner's name will be drawn at the Friday Night Spectacular at the FWH Big Top Tent.
  • Scenic, hidden destinations
  • Clever Clues
  • 7 Communities
  • 5 Days
  • For more information on The Amazing Ride
When: Mon 11 am - Fri 3 pm
Where: Lake George Region
SELF GUIDED- The Amazing Ride- (Mon-Fri)