NY & VT Covered Bridges

Days: Any Day

NY & VT Covered Bridges

*This is not a physical product.  You will receive the route to follow via a GPS lead phone app.  Directions will be sent via email after your order is place.  There are no hard copy maps available for this ride.

A stunning ride through New York and Vermont, taking you to at least 7 lovely covered bridges, numerous quaint villages and past wonderful restaurants! This is a perennial favorite of Americade, and if you haven't done it, then you really should this year.

Your Ride: This is a rare opportunity to ride through so many of these classic, and beautiful bridges while taking in the unique beauty of Vermont's quaint villages. This was the #1 rated route in 2019 for good reason (imagine a Norman Rockwell painting). The highlights of the tour are the covered bridges, which in many cases are more than 150 years old yet are open for use to all. Before and after lunch you'll ride slowly through them, enjoying their unique and charming character. And it's very difficult to knit together such a good route through so many of them in a single day. THIS is an amazing tour.

It guarantees a great ride on your own. We carefully create great riding routes in the Adirondacks and Vermont, on excellent routes on good pavement, with scenic vistas, interesting stops, and great lunch suggestions, all on low-traffic fun riding roads.
- Routes - We obsess about our routes, testing and testing routes so that we can provide you the best one possible on roads you wouldn't normally locate on your own. We emphasize scenery, good pavement, low traffic and traffic lights, safe intersections, good gas stops and clean bathrooms.
- GPS, Turn-by-Turn Directions: You'll have GPS-led, turn-by-turn directions the whole way, with special notifications for great points of interest. You'll know where to turn, where the views are the best, where good scenic stops are, where the best bathrooms are, and more. You'll even be able to see where your riding partners are on the ride! It's like having your own professional motorcycle guide along for the ride.
-Lunch (and dessert): You'll be led to three of the best places to eat on the route. You choose which one suits you best (best food style, least busy, shortest line, etc). Lunch is on you.  After lunch, we try to always include a good desert stop on the return leg. 
-Round-trip mileages are approximate.

If you're coming all the way to the Adirondacks, then why not guarantee yourself a great day of riding?
  • Many Covered Bridges 
  • Quaint Vermont villages 
  • Unique destinations

What You'll Need:

  • Smart phone with GPS capabilities
  • Either a phone handlebar mount (to see the directions) OR a bluetooth helmet headset (to hear the directions).  Or, a passenger holding your phone.
  • Full tank of gas & an Empty bladder.

What You'll Get:

You'll get a GPS route with voice-guided directions for the trips you've purchased.  You'll use a special navigation app that will work on your smartphone (and we'll provide you a special link to use to sign up).  It's a GPS guiding app specifically for motorcycles.  The app gives you clear directions on the screen and also gives you voice-guided directions too (compatible with bluetooth headsets), plus a bunch of other things useful for motorcycle rides.

The app is free to use for the Americade ride for 30 days.  After the first month, if you like it, then you could choose to subscribe for 5.99/month.  We like it, and now use it for all of our events, but it's totally your decision.

We prefer to use it with a handlebar mount.  There are many options, some starting at $10: Ram Mounts (Made in America),  QuadlockWraptor and Walmart.