TTDD Let's Get DIRTY! *

$0.00 $49.00


Distance: approx 150 miles
Tires: Knobbies
Pavement/Dirt: 22% off-road, 60% dirt roads, 18% paved roads
Difficulty: ADVANCED
Return Time: 4:00pm if nobody does sumpin’ stooopid

This is our most advanced ride. If you’re not comfortable with advanced single track, then this is not the ride for you. (Last year, we had people who couldn’t advance beyond the first hill climb, so take this seriously) Designed by Fred Scott and the D.A.R.C. team.

There are 18 off-road sections totaling 29 miles. This 85% dirt route will keep you on the pegs; so we discourage hard panniers, soft passengers, and any tires other than knobbies. Among the difficult sections, you’ll ride along two-track Jeep roads under tree-shaded canopies, some on a leafy bed, some with rocky ledge hill climbs (how’s your suspension?) and some mud, depending on recent weather.

Your much-needed lunch break will include a delicious assortment of deli sandwiches and more.

It’s for solo riders on ADV bikes and led by experienced riders. Bring your …A… game!