GUIDED-Twisties & Treats (Wed-Fri)**


GUIDED-Twisties & Treats (Wed-Fri)

This is a fun, scenic, and gently winding ride with multiple stops for delicious treats and a very impressive lunch destination.

It was one of our top-rated tours in 2021.  This is a just a good 'ole fun day of riding and eating through scenic rural farmland on your way into Vermont’s Green Mountains.
You’ll enjoy riding along winding river valleys and past scenic farmlands. At every stop, you’ll have a chance to nibble on some amazing local treats! You’ll ride through northeastern New York and into Vermont’s Green Mountains to one of the most famous orchards in the area.
You’ll visit a small, award-winning local cheese producer, you'll stop at a great local orchard, and you’ll hop on one of Vermont’s most scenic roads to a secluded authentic and beautiful country inn.  ~180 mi R-T

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Before May:  $57   +  Tax = 60.99

After May 1: $60    + Tax = 64.20