Let's get DIRTY! (Thurs - Sat)

$39.00 $49.00

Tires: Knobbies
Pavement/Dirt: 22% off-road, 60% dirt roads, 18% paved roads
Difficulty: Advanced
Return Time: 4:00pm if nobody does sumpin’ stooopid 😆

Saturday Sold Out

Last year’s toughest ride was “The Ridge Route” (and it sold out first).The same sadists who mapped out that route (Fred & Alex) have a dirtier one this year!

This 85% dirt route will keep you on the pegs; so we discourage hard panniers, soft passengers, and any tires other than knobbies. It’s for solo riders on ADV bikes and led by experienced riders.You’ll enjoy long two-track Jeep roads under tree-shaded canopies, some on a leafy bed, some with rocky ledge hillclimbs (how’s your suspension?) and some mud, depending on recent weather.

There are 18 off-road sections totaling 29 miles.